Dunleavy/Meyer 2018!

I am excited to partner with Mike Dunleavy to bring a new conservative team to Juneau.

For more information, Visit the Dunleavy/Meyer campaign.


Former Governor Sean Parnell endorses Kevin Meyer for Lt. Governor!

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I'm running for Lt. Governor because I want to make sure the opportunities I had will be here for future Alaskans.


Kevin Meyer believes in Alaska’s future. That’s why he’s running for Lt. Governor.

My family and I have lived in Alaska for 34 years. I have a deep knowledge of the issues that we face. I have been involved in numerous community organizations and have worked with leaders from around the state on issues ranging from education and public safety to infrastructure and resource development.

The very near future will be a turning point for Alaska.  We can either burden our citizens with heavy taxes, high unemployment and a weak economy or we can rise up and seize opportunity that puts Alaska back on track. 

I know that to get Alaska back on track, we need conservative, pro-development, pro-Alaska leadership in 2018.  We need a Republican Leadership Team.


As I look towards our future, I feel that there is more that we can do to boost our economy and create jobs, promote education and opportunities for our students to succeed, increase public safety to keep our children and neighborhoods safe, and ensure fiscal responsibility in order to protect our treasury.

My experience in the private sector, my strong family values, and my love for Alaska drives me to work on these important issues.

I’d appreciate your support for Lt. Governor.