State Senator Kevin Meyer Launches Bid for Lt. Governor

(Anchorage, AK) --  Republican State Senator Kevin Meyer of Anchorage today filed official paperwork to be a candidate for Lt. Governor in the republican primary in August 2018.  He submitted his candidate paperwork in person Thursday morning at the state Division of Elections Office in Anchorage. Meyer also launched his official campaign website and Facebook page.


Meyer, 61, has served as a state senator representing the Anchorage Hillside for the last 9 years.  He previously served in the Alaska House of Representatives and on the Anchorage Assembly.

In announcing his candidacy, Meyer said he was anxious to be part of a new Republican leadership team dedicated to “getting Alaska back on track.”  He said that Alaska has suffered from a “leadership deficit” under the administration of Governor Bill Walker, and he faulted the current governor for pushing for a new income tax on Alaskans and opposing Republican efforts to rein in state spending. 

“The very near future will be a turning point for Alaska.  We can either burden our citizens with heavy taxes, high unemployment and a weak economy, or we can rise up and seize the opportunity to put Alaska back on track.  We need conservative, pro-development, pro-Alaska leadership in 2018.

“It is imperative that we elect a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor to provide new leadership for Alaska,” Meyer said, pledging to do all he could to help secure the governorship for a Republican in 2018. 

Meyer and his wife, Marty, have called Alaska home for thirty-four years, and their two daughter were born here.  He grew up in a farming community in rural Nebraska and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska.  He moved to Anchorage in 1983 to work for ARCO -- now ConocoPhillips -- and is employed by ConocoPhillips today as a procurement coordinator.  He also holds masters degrees from the University of New Mexico and Alaska Pacific University.

During his time in the Alaska Legislature, Meyer has held important leadership posts, including Senate President, co-chair of the Senate and House Finance Committees and Senate Majority Leader.

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